“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.”

-Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

My fellow alumni,

I love this quote, which perfectly illustrates the boundless opportunities awaiting you with a UVA School of Nursing degree. Your degree isn’t just key to the patient care you give; it’s truly your springboard into a world of possibilities.

Joshua James, BSN graduate and Alumni Association PresidentWhile bedside care is the heart of nursing, it's also just one of its parts. The rigorous program each of us went through supercharges our critical thinking skills, broadens our perspective, and empowers our navigation along diverse career pathways. Many in our alumni community pursued advanced degrees, becoming nurse practitioners, clinical nurse leaders, and clinical nurse specialists. Others of us dove into research or clinical doctorates while still others leveraged their business and science acumen to find their way as administrative, policy, and pharmaceutical industry leaders (like me)—just to name a few!

Thanks to UVA, each of us is empowered to lead, no matter the program and pathway we chose. I’m so proud of the diverse and impactful careers my friends and fellow alumni chose, and I encourage you to support nursing students and new nurses by volunteering your expertise with the School’s Alumni Council or by making a charitable donation to the School.

By connecting with your School, you’re not only on the receiving end of helpful resources and mentorship (continuing education, library and research portals, and a vast alumni network of friends and peers), you also have a chance to give back by sharing your story and expertise with a new generation of nurses.

UVA School of Nursing provided each of us with a solid foundation so we could each forge our own unique path. Taking a tip from Dr. Seuss: may we never stop exploring, creating, and imagining. The world awaits your unique blend of compassion, intelligence, and the difference that shines in UVA-prepared nurses.

With warmest regards,

Joshua James, alumni association president, signature 2

Joshua James (BSN ’05)
Richmond, VA