Graduate Ambassadors Gogert, Ting, Yeo, and Mosely

Meet Our Graduate Student Ambassadors

Corrine Gogert, AGACNP/AGACNS graduate and DNP student

Formerly an ICU nurse manager, Gogert, who grew up racing snowmobiles in the Pacific Northwest, is an active-duty U.S. Army Major, hiker, snowboarder, and mom. After deploying to Afghanistan in 2014, she volunteered with a women's shelter providing women's health education, and, in 2024, earned a master's degree in nursing from UVA. She's currently a DNP student and hopes to work as an acute care nurse practitioner in the Army and as a critical care Clinical Nurse Specialist with high-risk populations. 

Why did you choose UVA?

The wonderful experiences had by my fellow Army officers that have graduated from UVA and the opportunity for the dual CNS-ACNP degree program.

What should prospective students know about UVA's graduate programs?

It's a LOT of hours and can be overwhelming at times, but the knowledge you gain from class and clinical is very much worth the effort. You get out what you put in and I wouldn't trade this opportunity for the world. 

Describe the School of Nursing in a word and explain why you chose that word.

FAMILY. You'll never be just a number or statistic. You're a valued person, seen for your own individuality. The faculty and staff appreciate you for who you are and make concerted efforts to get to know you. If there is ever a point where you feel lost or overwhelmed, there will always be someone, if not multiple people, there to pick you up and be there for you.

Shaolin Mosley, AGACNS and DNP student

Mosely, a 2018 graduate of James Madison University School of Nursing and winner of the Marcia Dake Rockingham Memorial Hospital Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice, is a Clinical Nurse Specialist and DNP student and originally from Chesapeake, Va. Mosely has worked at UVA Medical Center since 2019 across a variety of units, including neurosurgery, outpatient infusion clinic, and as a travel nurse. A roller skater, walker, and bike rider during her free time, she plans to become a nurse practitioner to continue serving her community.

Why did you choose UVA?

I chose UVA because of the culture of excellence. I also had several peers that had a positive experience in UVA's graduate programs.

What should prospective students know about the MSN and DNP programs? 

Prospective students should know that we have supportive professors that are always willing to help us succeed and meet our goals. 

Describe the School of Nursing in a word and explain why you chose that word.

FOSTERING. It has been a great experience to be in a warm environment that facilitates my growth. 

Sandy Ting, CNL student

Former rugby player and special education teacher, dog-mom to four rescue dogs, new mom, and Clinical Nurse Leader student whose parachute once malfunctioned during a skydive (she's fine!). A new mom and Richmond native, Sandy hopes ultimately to become a nurse anesthetist and a nursing faculty member to "share our love of teaching and learning." She's a full-time CNL student, a two-year, fast-track-to-nursing program for individuals with at least a bachelor's degree in a field outside of nursing.

Why did you choose UVA? 

I chose UVA because of the depth of support, care, and encouragement I received prior to applying to the program. The School's support of its students was authentic and palpable throughout every information session and individual meeting I sought as I was welcomed with generous attention and genuine concern.

What should prospective students know about the CNL program? 

It's every bit as enriching and dynamic as it appears. The unique nature of this path emerges from day one, and it is truly a group of individuals who make up each cohort.

Describe the School of Nursing in a word and explain why you chose that word. 

EVOLVING. One of the most critical components that make up any practice that seeks to support people and stimulate impactful change embraces the evolutionary nature of its work. The UVA School of Nursing upholds the value of stretching in order to grow, and it remains an honor to take part in this movement.


Molly Yeo, PhD student

Following her first career as a professional ballet dancer, Yeo became a nursing student and graduated with a BSN in 2024. A "Third Culture Kid" who can speak Indonesian, she was a Distinguished Major whose research on men and the HPV vaccine whet her appetite for nursing science in the PhD program. 

What's your ultimate career goal?

I am passionate about the nurse scientist’s role in contributing evidence to improve outcomes and change policies, all to promote the health and flourishing of human life. I hope, in my own way, to do just that.

Why did you choose UVA?

I was drawn to UVA because of the distinct culture of excellence and the commitment to be both great and good in all that we do. As nurses, it is not just what we do, but how we do it that matters. Those values are exemplified throughout our University. 

What should prospective students know about the PhD program?

The faculty here are unparalleled. We have the opportunity to be mentored by world-class scholars who care about us becoming ethical and inquisitive nurse scientists. The training in the PhD program equips us to go out into the world and contribute in our own unique ways, and the support we receive here makes the possibilities endless. 

Describe the School of Nursing in a word and explain why you chose that word.

TRANSFORMATIVE. Since coming to UVA, I’ve grown and been challenged more than I could have imagined. This is a transformative place full of inspiring people that will change you for the better. I have grown in skill, knowledge, and heart here.