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You make it possible

Whether you make a one-time gift or decide to restrict your gift to a particular program or center, know that your generosity allows the School of Nursing to offer a rewarding and enriching student experience. Thank you for supporting our nurses!


Brodie Faculty Fund

The Barbara M. Brodie Endowed Faculty Fund in Nursing History supports the Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry, which Dr. Brodie founded in 1991 and directed until 2002.

Brodie Fund

Ways to Give
  • Online: make a gift using your credit card to the School of Nursing
  • By mail: send a check made payable to the UVA School of Nursing, specifying the purpose of the gift in the memo line, or in an accompanying letter, to:

University of Virginia
PO Box 37963
Boone, Iowa 50037

  • Call us(434) 924-0138 (434) 924-0138 or (800) 297-0102
  • Planned Giving: living will or trust, beneficiary designations, charitable trusts and charitable gift annuities.


Please note: the UVA Health System and its affiliates will apply a one-time 5% assessment on each installment of new restricted gifts to support the unrestricted general operating funds of the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, or the Medical Center.

Giving Priorities


With students at the center of our work, scholarships are a critical component to ensuring access to the School of Nursing for many students. Endowed scholarships allow donors to provide consistent scholarship support for years to come while leaving a lasting, named legacy. University matching funds programs are available for select scholarships. 

Additionally, funds to strengthen the student experience and to support them through unexpected situations are critical to the retention of our dedicated students. Contact us today to learn how you can directly impact students.


Key to the School of Nursing’s compassionate and challenging student experience is our outstanding faculty. Endowed professorships and faculty support funds ensures our ability to attract and retain the best and brightest faculty to enhance the classroom and clinical experience for our students. University matching funds programs are available for professorships, contact us today to learn more.


On the frontlines of healthcare, nurses are critical to improving patient outcomes. Nurse researchers at the School of Nursing are using their skills and knowledge as nurses, and scientists, to discover cutting edge interventions, techniques, and methodologies to improve some of the most pressing healthcare concerns of our time. Research funds are a critical component to scaling this work to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Contact us today to learn how you can fuel nursing research. 

Nursing Annual Fund

The Nursing Annual Fund is the School of Nursing’s only source of unrestricted income, or income not designated for a specific project, endowment, or scholarship. A donation to the Nursing Annual Fund is valuable because it provides the dean with flexibility to meet emerging needs of students and faculty in a timely and effective manner. Your gift to the Nursing Annual Fund is a meaningful way to invest in the School of Nursing as well as the overall future of healthcare. Give now


Alumni and Development Staff

We’re here to help match your particular interests with the school's needs. Please contact us to discuss ways to give, funding opportunities, how your gift can be most impactful in the School of Nursing.

While we cannot give tax or legal advice, we can work with your financial advisor to help determine the gift plan best suited to your needs, and can provide information and assist with planned giving and stock and bond transfers.