Bernice Fan, CNL class of 2023
Fan, a San Francisco native, came to the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) as a kinesiology after observing nurses she admired in action. Our latest #MeetUsMonday.

Meet Bernice Fan, CNL class of 2023 graduate.

Sports enthusiast, kinesiology major, and San Francisco native. Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitor. Loves to hike, cook, and read. Before nursing school, a staffer at the Veterans Administration who "fell in love with how nurses made an impact at the bedside and in the broader healthcare system." Proud member of the Clinical Nurse Leader class of 2023 who works in an adult medical-surgical telemetry unit at Scripps Health in San Diego. 


"The community is nothing like I've seen before. Rather than a teacher-student relationship, our professors see us as colleagues. They give us their phone numbers to call or text at any time, whether we're seeking clarification on a homework assignment or exam, or something else. With nursing school already being as rigorous and stressful as it is, it's important to be at a school where they prioritize supporting their students during and after nursing school."


"So much! Everything from how to do a head-to-toe assessment, pathophysiology, and what nursing interventions bedside nurses need to conducting microsystem assessments and appraising literature as a clinical nurse leader. My favorite class was Care Management I and II with Dr. Richard Ridge. I loved learning about our country's healthcare system, how insurance works, the information nurse managers have to consider when creating a schedule, and learning about various databases." 



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