Simulation Squad students and faculty pose in classroom in Bluefields, Nicaragua
Prof. Emma Mitchell works in Bluefields, Nicaragua, where she's partnered with BICU School of Nursing to develop and deepen learning related to climate change-related disaster response.

Pandemic or not, ours is a world connected. It's why it's never been more critical for nurses on many fronts to understand how health, healthcare, and geography are inextricably linked.

Join Dean Pam Cipriano, vice president of the International Council of Nurses, and professors Emma Mitchell and Anita Thompson-Heisterman, UVA School of Nursing's Global Initiatives' co-directors, for Global Week 2020, which will offer a series of live, virtual gatherings to inform, celebrate, and offer glimpses of current research taking place on the global front and ongoing opportunities for nurses to study and conduct research abroad.

The School of Nursing's celebration of Global Week, part of a larger effort at UVA, offers the following live virtual lectures and forums:

  • Oct. 26, 2 PM – The Year of the Nurse and Midwife – a lecture by Dean Pamela Cipriano, vice-president of the International Council of Nurses and two-term president of the American Nurses’ Association RSVP

  • Oct. 28, 12 PM - Sustained Global Nursing Partnerships: climate changes and disaster preparedness in Nicaragua - with Global Initiatives' co-director and associate professor Emma Mitchell, UVA's Nicaraguan partners, and medical Spanish professor Michelet McLean RSVP

  • Oct. 30, 12 PM - Study abroad and global research opportunities for nursing students - a discussion with Mitchell and professor Anita Thompson-Heisterman, Global Initiatives' co-director RSVP

Mitchell, who earned a $100K Global Infectious Diseases Institute grant, is currently working on novel screening, follow-up, and treatment method for women with cervical cancer in Bluefields, Nicaragua, where cervical cancer is the #1 killer of women 18 to 44. She's also worked with partners at the Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University School of Nursing to develop simulation scenarios in which students deepen their understanding of how best to respond to disasters created by a warming, changing climate.

In normal, non-pandemic times, and despite having a full academic schedule, UVA's nursing students have ample opportunities to study and conduct research abroad. Two semester-long opportunities in New Zealand, at the University of Aukland, and Australia, at the University of Queensland, are offered. Several J-Term courses are available to students, including one in Roaton, Honduras, with Mitchell. Additional opportunities are available to students through the Center for Global Health, independent study, mentored research, and a Global Sustainability minor.

More information is available on the Global Initiatives website.

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