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2024 10th Annual Updates in Kidney Transplantation: Optimizing Patient Readiness for Transplant Success 

June 27, 2024 

Target Audience: dialysis unit nurses, social workers, technicians, and dieticians.


Conference Agenda and Presentation Slides

Agenda & Presentation Material

All presentation files are password-protected, and the password is included in email sent to all those who are registered for the workshop.  Additional slides will be added when received from presenters.

2024 Updates in Kidney Transplantation Agenda and Conference Information

Presentation Slides

Berta and Nelson - Motivating Patients

Foster - BMI Criteria

Kamal - Selecting the Right Donor

Larson - Building the Perfect Support Network

Leeds - Delayed Graft Function

McElroy - Racial Inequity in Kidney Transplant

Papageorge - Kidney Transplant in Obese Recipients

Virmani - Evaluation of a Transplant Candidate

Program Overview 
Kidney transplantation is the best option to restore quality of life for most patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD).  Dialysis unit staff require relevant and accurate information regarding advances in kidney transplantation in order to educate patients in their dialysis units.  Dialysis patients benefit from education that starts early in their diagnosis of ESRD.  Through partnership with dialysis unit staff and nephrology practice staff, we are able to provide a consistent message throughout the care continuum about the lifesaving benefit of kidney transplantation, connections between patient experience and transplant outcomes, and strategies for overcoming barriers to successful transplantation.    

For more information, including accreditation information, see the 2024 Updates in Kidney Transplant Conference Brochure.